TMT4 - Trend follower adviser for MetaTrader 4

First of all let me notice that TMT4 is a not magix box! This is trend follower adviser helps trade FOREX/CFD. TMT4 have good perfomance for Forex H4 periodicity and very useful advise other periodicities. TMT4 MetaTrader 4 adviser shows trends. TMT4 perfomance for CFD/FUTURES can be more better. TMT4 external system tester (visit for more details) will allow you calculates system with your unique conditions. It'll available for MetaTrader's users soon.

TMT4 uses past history of the symbol to build a profile of the movements using a highly sophisticated "genetic algorithm selection" to model past performance. This profile is then exported to MetaTrader 4 and can be used to support your trading. TMT4 uses a highly complex algorithm to create profiles of symbol movements, speculatively modelling and then using a genetic selection process to refine the model over a large number of iterations and variables, allowing an almost infinite flexibility and precision to be achieved.

Can I see TMT4 at work?

Of course! Download the free trial version and see what it can do for you.

However, if you want to get an idea of what TMT4 can do for you, we have prepared a few examples of TMT4 at work for you to have a look at (created with TMT4 external system tester). We have performed a very simple test that you too can try to persuade yourself how accurate TMT4 can be.

Examples of the tests can be viewed here.