TrendMedium MetaStock Add-On
TrendMedium MetaStock Add-On
TrendMedium MetaStock Add-On
TrendMedium MetaStock Add-On  
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Read what our customers are saying about the TrendMedium:

"I am a full time trader of small cap Nasdaq stocks and use TrendMedium daily. I have tried many pieces of trading software as well as the other Metastock plugins and discarded them as they offered little value to me. TrendMedium has become a critical part of my trading system, helping me make better trading decisions and enhancing profits."

Roger Berry

"I have used Metastock for 2 years and experimented with various add ons and plug ins. I have been using Trend Medium since April 2005. My experience is that Trend Medium has far outperformed any of the other add ons/plug ins that I have used. To date, Trend Medium has resulted in a 90% gain on an annualised basis from approximately 80 spread bet trades using end of day data, and placing opening/closing positions for the market on the next day.
I have only traded stocks (not indices) which have a predicted profit above 50% threshold level from the CAC40, DAX, MIB and S&P markets. This cuts down the number of trades, which generally last up to a week (I move the stops closer after this period of time to extract the profit, even if Trend Medium is still indicating a long or short position).
This is a really excellent product for 'trading with the trend', and would recommend it to all serious traders."

Michael Fleming

"I like TrendMedium because it takes the emotions out of trading. When I get a signal to sell I put my stops on (2 ticks below the low) and go about my business. TrendMedium also helps me
keep my losses small, but will help me ride trends.
Keep up the good work. I am excited about upgrading to 2.0. especially the angled arrows!"


"I have been using TrendMedium for Metastock since it's beginning. It is easy to use, fast and the signals it creates are extremely useful. And , the support is excellent. It is by far the best addition to Metastock I have found and I wouldn't start my trading day without it. Thanks Mr. Labunsky."

Bob G., New York,N.Y.

"I have been a Metastock user for many years and have tried and purchased most all of the plugins available for it. Of all of the plugins, the one I use every day for my trading signals is TrendMedium. I have found the signals to be the most accurate and timely of any of the other advertised systems available. Keep up the good work."

Jerry G.

I do not understand why more people do not use TrendMedium - for me it is the best of all the add ons, plug ins etc, and far superior to ICE."

Michael Fleming

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